Online Classrooms

Due to certain unforeseen circumstances or situations, students might not be able to come to school and attend classes. This will halt the learning process. To counter this issue and promote E-learning, Eduplus has built-in video conferencing features which can enable virtual classes to take place. The class sessions can also be recorded for future use or in cases where some students weren’t able to attend them.


Online classes can be easily and directly accessed from the timetable of students.


Teachers can schedule and start online classes with just the click of a button and can also communicate with students through a real-time chat feature.


Admins have to select the online class tool, authenticate the type of streaming platform just once and the platform’s engine will automatically generate links in the timetables of teachers and students. This enables them to enter the online classes with just one click and nothing more.

Smartphone Application

#BackToSchool: Smart and Safe !

Introducing eduplus #BackToSchool – The smart and safe IoT solution for schools to reopen.