Two-way messaging

Proper communication between parents and teachers is very important to maintain a good relationship and also ensure the academic progress of students. To make this possible, Eduplus offers a built-in chat module feature which allows parents and teachers to communicate with each other in real-time. It also includes privacy and other administrative features to maintain proper exchange of information.


Parents can send and receive messages to their child’s teacher or group chats consisting of all parents of their child’s class and more.


The teachers can send and receive messages from parents, other teachers and admins while also having several administrative features like managing class group chats and more.


Admins can send and receive messages along with main administrator options and oversee entire chat conversations to maintain disciplined and orderly communication among the users.

Smartphone Application

#BackToSchool: Smart and Safe !

Introducing eduplus #BackToSchool – The smart and safe IoT solution for schools to reopen.