All-in-one “Smart” school management solution with powerful location real-time monitoring features for student safety

Attendance Automation

Automatically mark staff/student attendance when entering classrooms or any school areas without any manual action (Bluetooth Smart ID cards worn by students and teachers are automatically detected by Smart IoT sensors and attendance recorded)

Student Security

Safely monitor location, movement information and student activity analytics without privacy concerns. (Constant communication between the Bluetooth Smart ID cards worn by students, and Smart IoT sensors installed on school premises/buses etc monitor and provide safety alerts)

Live Count

Accurately take count of students and staff in any class/zone auomatically when they enter/exit classes or school premises (Real-time data communication between the Smart ID cards and Smart IoT sensors provide instant counts and crowding alerts)

Spot Locator

Trace the current location of any student or staff anywhere within school premises using the Spot Locator feature (Real-time connectivity between the Bluetooth Smart ID cards worn by student/staff and the Smart IoT sensors help locate anyone accurately)

Restricted Zones

The smart IoT sensors installed in their respective locations can be used to define restricted zones anywhere on the campus and configure custom alerts and rules to monitor, log and notify the entry/exit to those areas

Data Insights

Various data reports like the time spent, places the students have visited including historic data and much more can be generated on-demand from interactive dashboards available on the web and mobile

Activity Analyzer

Monitor and analyze the movement patterns and "hot-paths" of students and staff from the eduplus dashboards for audit, security and planning operations

School Bus Tracking

Locate students and also track buses (and bus operations in real-time using Smart IoT sensors (installed in the school buses). Create customize alerts to avoid students getting off at a wrong stop, or the student misses his/her stop.

#BackToSchool: Smart and Safe !

Introducing eduplus #BackToSchool – The smart and safe IoT solution for schools to reopen.