Frequently Asked Questions

Eduplus is a smart IoT solution that is aimed at digitally transforming schools and colleges with advanced features like in-built academic modules, real-time security, location analytics and behaviour insights. The solution has been designed in such a way that parents, teachers and school management can communicate and operate under a single platform in real-time
While most school softwares offer either a separate school management system and another application for online classes and other safety features, Eduplus provides all of these functionalities in a single platform; in the web and also in mobile.
The school’s timetable will be integrated with online streaming platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc.) and this eliminates the need for multiple logins with just one common login. To attend online classes, a joining link will be available for each subject in the timetable to join classroom sessions right away.
You can access Eduplus through any web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox etc. in a PC or a Laptop. In addition to this, Eduplus has an official mobile app too.
Yes . It is available in the App Store for iOS devices and the Play Store for Android devices.
Yes. Powerful AI engines and other analytics tools built into Eduplus will use all of the past student performance records to generate insightful reports which can be used by the school.
Yes. Eduplus can be deployed in any school irrespective of their syllabus, curriculum, mode of teaching etc.
Yes. Eduplus is a very modular platform i.e schools have the option to decide which all features in Eduplus that they’d like and which all they don’t want.
To use all of the effective features in Eduplus like online classes, attendance, reports, diary, homework and much more, a stable internet connection must be available for both the web and mobile application.

Yes. For an Eduplus deployment in a school, there will be separate login credentials provided to all administrators, parents and teachers to log on and use the software.

Yes. Eduplus is integrated with Razorpay gateway through which parents can securely pay their child’s fees to the school using credit/debit card, net banking, UPI and more.
All data that is used in Eduplus is securely stored in high availability servers to ensure maximum security.
Yes. Independent servers can be provided on-premise to host them in different geographies to comply with local and international regulations like GDPR etc. in case the customer insists and/or the deployment location’s law enforces any kind of requirement as such.
Yes. Once a school has on-boarded the required data to start operations, prior to this a training team from Pinmicro will be delivering a training session to concerned IT team or relevant people from the school.
Yes. A dedicated support team will be available at all times to provide Eduplus users with quality support and resolve any kind of issues in the fastest possible time.

That’s great. To get more information about Eduplus, drop us a mail to or click at this link,, fill in the form and we will assist you get as much information as you need about Eduplus.

You may contact our sales team for a personalized demo of Eduplus by dropping in a mail to or by filling out the form in this link, and please state that you would like a demo. Our team would be happy to give a demo at the fastest possible time.

To know more about the pricing of Eduplus, please contact us by mailing your request to or by filling out the enquiry form in this link for the pricing,

Eduplus is a single, unified solution to meet all of a school’s requirements under one handle. The speciality of Eduplus is that in addition to having integrated multi platform support for online classes, the solution has dedicated safety and security features along with school management features like homework, examinations, smart timetables and much more.
Yes. Eduplus is a very modular solution and can be integrated with other solutions and software if required. This can be done through APIs and SDK integration.

#BackToSchool: Smart and Safe !

Introducing eduplus #BackToSchool – The smart and safe IoT solution for schools to reopen.