Experience eduplus

This is a demo version of Eduplus where you can experience and use all the features in real-time. Make sure to try out all features of the best school management system. Please do not enter any confidential information. The demo can be reset any time. You can access the demo version as an Administrator , Teacher or Parent.



Parent & Student

Administrator has the complete permission and administrative rights for all other modules. They can create new users as well as make system wide changes.
Teachers can create and post homework for the day, view Attendance of students, create Student reviews and more permissions can be granted to Teacher’s portal by the Administrator for more activities.
Parents can view Homework, attendance reports, examination marks, message the teachers , pay the fees and more with the Parent’s portal.

#BackToSchool: Smart and Safe !

Introducing eduplus #BackToSchool – The smart and safe IoT solution for schools to reopen.