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Introducing eduplus #BackToSchool - AI powered IOT devices for your child's well being

Back to School: Smart and Safe

COVID-19 has been devastating everyday activities of the general public and this has led to a halt in operations of educational institutions. As things start getting back to the ‘new normal’, new and innovative features have been added to eduplus to enable the school management, parents, teachers, and students to get back on track with their daily operations and learning.

These features are aimed at providing the best possible ways to function with higher efficiency and also at the same time maintain the necessary precautions on the premises. Schools can not only eliminate avoidance costs of closing entire facilities (in case of potential infections) by leveraging advance contact tracing capabilities but can also minimize COVID infections by ensuring optimal density control, social distancing and effective sanitisation at various locations in the schools.

The bottom line for eduplus is to enhance the safety and security of students and staff without compromising on providing holistic and quality education for the students.

Who are we?

Eduplus is a smart IoT solution that is aimed at digitally transforming schools and colleges with advanced features like in-built academic modules, real-time security, location analytics and behaviour insights. The solution has been designed in such a way that parents, teachers and school management can communicate and operate under a single platform in real-time, thus earning the tagline : Manage, Locate and Collaborate in real-time…

Multi Platform Support​

Integrated Timetable​

Class Recording

Interactive Platform​

Real-time Reports​

Contact Tracing Capability

Effortlessly identify the list of students that a particular student has been in contact with over a period of time.

Minimize exposure risk

Over-Crowding Alerts

Heat Maps based on locations inside the school like classrooms help crowded areas and generate alerts.

Reduce infection risk

Social Distance Alerting

Smart devices worn by the students warn them instantly if they come too close to each other.

Avoid community spread

Touchless Automated Attendance

The smart devices worn by students automatically log their attendance as they walk into the classrooms without any physical contact or roll call.

Automate with zero-touch

Face Mask Detection

Smart cameras placed at entry points like the school gate and classrooms leverage facial recognition AI algorithms to accurately identify the students, with or without their masks.

Ensure safety and compliance

Automated Access Control

AI-based smart systems automatically identify the students/staff and allow/restrict access inside any room in the school based on their permissions.

Secure with touchless access

Safety & Hygiene Compliance

Configurable real-time alerts enforce the students and staff to comply with safety & hygiene protocols inside the school’s premises.

Ensure a safe and hygienic class room

Body Temperature Monitoring

Thermal scanners detect the body temperature of students and staff right from entry points of the school and continue to keep monitoring for any abnormalities using IR cameras in real-time.

Continuously scan temperature

All Features

eduplus - Smart solution for safe learning

With powerful features, eduplus is an all-in-one “Smart” solution that provides a safe and hygienic class room for students.
Continuously monitor the body temperature of students/staff and generate alerts in real-time in case of any abnormalities.
Locate the real-time position of any student in the classroom quickly and easily.
Identify the concentration of students in certain areas in the school like classrooms and generate real-time alerts in case no social distancing is not followed.
Monitor environmental parameters of the classroom (temperature, humidity, and light) in real-time using Smart Sensors.
Plan seating and classroom layouts using interactive floor maps to comply with social distancing and safety norms.
Identify active hotspots using student dense areas in the school for constant disinfection of such hotspots.
Trace path travelled by students in the classrooms in real-time using indoor navigation technology.
Trace student contacts made with other students at the classroom for infection control and quarantine purposes.
Obtain real-time entry/exit details of students in the school to automate attendance with zero-touch.
How it works

eduplus - safety & hygiene monitoring technology

With powerful features, eduplus is an all-in-one “Smart” solution that provides a safe and hygienic classroom for students.

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