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Quite a lot has happened since our last newsletter! Thanks for your overwhelming feedback and continued support. Here’s the latest updates on what we have been up to with eduplus….


New features added

Online homework

This new feature enables students to submit their homework to the teachers/admins by the stipulated time. The teachers/admins also have the option to approve, reject and extend the time for submission

Optional subject support

One or more subjects can be selected for a particular period in the timetable which makes it easy for students especially taking language subjects.

Import/export for timetable

School timetables can now be directly imported onto eduplus and also has the functionality to download any timetable that the user wants.

In-app customer support

Now, customers can directly get in contact with eduplus’s dedicated support team to get their queries resolved in the fastest manner possible.

Student sorting

Now, the list of students can be easily sorted based on different parameters.

Help section

An all new help section with interactive videos on how to use the various features of eduplus for both Web and mobile versions.

Meet your eduplus team


Eduplus team member for this month 

– Mr Arjun CB,  Product Head

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress” - Li Keqiang

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought in various challenges to all walks of life and the education sector is no less. When we first launched the product about a year ago, we were sure that eduplus will create a lasting impact on how schools function with a deep stress on safety and security of students in addition to leading the digital transformation of schools across the world. 

Little did we know that things can happen without any prior notice which brought us to the understanding that innovation & the ability to adapt with constant change was the way to make an already robust product even better. Since the inception of eduplus and the welcoming feedback from the schools using it, we’ve pushed ourselves over the limits to bring in more features that will make eduplus even better than the previous version with advanced engagement and accessibility features. 

I would like all of you to know about the latest enhancements we’ve brought into eduplus and how more schools across the world are embracing eduplus as the best school management software. The number of institutions implementing eduplus as their daily driver is increasing day by day, and I sincerely look forward to you joining the eduplus community. 

Though more challenges may arise or face us, our team is determined to ensure that learning and the development of young minds and the digital transformation of educational institutions are never hindered no matter what.

Arjun CB
Product Manager

New additions to the eduplus family


Your feedback means a lot to us...


The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.(Christopher McCandless) Always a horizon kindles a hope in the mind of a person but when the horizon becomes the truth, the immense joy which it brings is something amazing. The newness which just culminates at light, brings us to a juncture of the new experiences which leads us to new hopes, new future and a new day. Education has always been a light which has changed the humanity throughout the history. But when technology gets connected to education, brings out new heights. eduPlus is the new encounter for every Educational Institution to know and experience. The new height of technology with all simplicity, making education and school management at our fingertips. We, as the School Family, enjoy the politeness, humbleness but the greatness of PINMICRO from its CEO to all the personnel. At the close, I would appreciate the Educational Institutions to experience technology and new heights of eduPlus and love and concern of its personnels. I wish PINMICRO should go forward and have success in all its endeavours....God bless...


Featured article


Mrs. Asha Thomas Fenn 

Academic Mentor & Corporate Consultant

Near or far, Eduplus will keep the learning going on...

“Necessity is the mother of invention". In India Schools have a greater significance than other parts of the world. The necessities in a school as expected by stakeholders is multi-layered. Schools have higher financial and emotional costs of managing the school along with the students whom they are entrusted with.

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