Make your school fully functional and interactive with online classes

An all-in-one solution

A simple, consolidated all-in-one web and mobile platform built for schools & colleges. Manage all aspects of operations, management, student learning and safety in real-time, as well as enable collaboration between parents and schools. Online classrooms lets students take their classes from anywhere around the world and the Bluetooth Smart ID Cards provide real-time location analytics and behavioural insights of students.

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Online Classrooms

Owing to the lockdown, teachers can take classes online and students can join them. The best part is that school timetable for every class is automatically integrated to the online classrooms and both students and teachers can meet in online classrooms with a single click.


Multi-platform Support​

Integrate with multiple online meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams etc. based on schools’ platform of choice


One-time login​

Login just once and you’re automatically logged-in to all other platforms within Eduplus like Online classes etc.


Integrated Timetable​

Online classes are integrated within the timetables which allows students to join their classes with just a single click


Class Recording (Beta)​

Record and share online classroom sessions for students who were absent or unable to join so that they never miss any classes


Interactive Platform​

Teachers can set up automated reminders to manage online classes and also interact with students outside in real-time


Real-time Reports​

Teachers and Management can view attendance reports of students present in the online classes in real-time


Salient Features of Eduplus


School Diary

Smart Calendar


Online Payment


Teacher Substitution

Notice Board


Student Profile

Customized App

Leave Management

Upcoming Events

School Bus Tracking

Progress Card

Online Classroom

Exam Management

Report Card

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